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Official Haven Faction Recruitment

Discussion in 'Faction Recruitment' started by Kapz, Sep 9, 2019.

  1. Kapz

    Kapz New Member OG Hunter

    Welcome back everyone to CurseMc from the Haven Faction!

    The Faction Haven are currently looking for new members!
    We've been accepting and promoting new and old OG's for the upcoming season!
    If you're interested in joining the uprising best faction then apply below!

    With that being said please follow the format below to better your chances
    into joining the faction of Haven. Failure to follow the format below will result
    in a instant denial and a one week ban from the faction!

    ( Copy and Paste as a response this to better your application )

    Faction Application
    Do you have a microphone and do you have access to Discord?

    Why would you like to join [Faction]:
    In which ways can you assist [Faction]:
    Previous Factions on CurseMC:
    How active are you on CurseMC:

    PvP Skills: /10
    Building Skills: /10
    Raiding Skills: /10
    Faction Knowledge: /10

    After your application is submitted as a response on this thread you'll be
    responded to on discord for a interview if you were Accepted. In the circumstances your application gets denied please don't take it to heart. Your application might have been
    missing a few key details that we were looking for. Or your application wasn't properly

    formatted. You'll be able to re-apply three days after your denial, so there's still a chance !

    Leaders: GlowZ, Fancy

    Mods: Rebirth, Stmp, PawnageKing, Kaps,
    Members: Deathtodawn, Jefisaids, Pu2, Sia, iConfigFiles, Quick44, BrattyCuz, TurtleVans, WaffleCrafter07
    Last edited: Sep 12, 2019

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