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Community Brainstorm: Features YOU want on CurseMC

Discussion in 'Server Talk' started by sammieplays, Jun 21, 2019.

  1. sammieplays

    sammieplayssammieplays is a Verified Member Administrator Staff Member Admin

    Greetings Hunters!
    Since we've been in the works for a long time...

    We're asking the community what features YOU want on CurseMC, it might just make it with our budget!
    Let us know some great ideas you have below.

    If you have any questions of concerns, please do not hesitate to let me know in a private message or comment below. We look forward to hearing your responses!

    Thank you,

    Head Admin of CurseMC LLC 2.0
  2. ThezestyNarwhal

    ThezestyNarwhal New Member OG Hunter

    Gen buckets, a working cannon plugin, Custom Enchants,
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  3. PawnageKing

    PawnageKing New Member OG Hunter

    Make a functioning combat system that actually damages other players, and no one shots :)
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  4. UKCPakkin

    UKCPakkin New Member OG Hunter

    That all players who purchased Top rank/any rank on Curse 1.0 receive some compensation.

    -The old shop with the same prices
    -Stackable mobs
    -The same custom enchants and some newer ones
    -/fly for top rank
    -/sell wand
    -Excavation tools such as a pickaxe that destroys large areas of ground materials so to make base building easier
    -Envoys of course and then also airdrops. Airdrops would be one chest that has insane durability and insane loot inside so as the players would have to fight for the loot as if it were a moth event or something of the like. Would only happen if someone summoned it with a summon torch like the old envoy spawners did, or would happen every so often.

    I have many more ideas, but that's all for now
    Last edited: Jun 22, 2019
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  5. ThezestyNarwhal

    ThezestyNarwhal New Member OG Hunter

    There should also be /block which also turns ores into blocks for selling and /tntfill for dispensers
  6. Bandit (Charlie)

    Bandit (Charlie) New Member OG Hunter

    • Filtered Chests: Allows players to filter what goes into a chest, allowing to block out unwanted things, like poppies in an ig farm.
    • King of The Hill: A king of the hill warp should be created for a daily event which brings the playerbase to fight for high end rewards. This should not be dominated by 1 faction on the server. Read more below.
    • Factions:
      25 Person Limit
      1 Ally, 1 Truce
      This would allow new factions to develop without the whole server dominating them with several factions being allied to.
    • All Purchased Ranked Players:
      The players who all purchased a rank on the CurseMC 1.0 store,
      should all be given a random rank boss in order to be compensated for their purchases that are now void.
    Curse Kit Transformation
    Have the ability to transform your curse kits.

    When you open any /ckit, you have a 2.5% Chance to upgrade it to a Cursified Ckit.

    Curse Kit Item
    Tier: 1
    Receive 1 Random Item

    Curse Kit: Item
    Tier: 2
    Receive 1-3 Random Items

    There could also be an item in game which you can use to upgrade your ckits.
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  7. ThezestyNarwhal

    ThezestyNarwhal New Member OG Hunter

    I like all but the ally and truce part. I do think that you should be able to have more than 25 people but the /F power maxes out at 500 or so
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  8. Bandit (Charlie)

    Bandit (Charlie) New Member OG Hunter

    I understand what you mean,
    but if all the major factions are allied there will be no pvp on the server. Because pvp is the best part of curse
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  9. wailk

    wailk New Member OG Hunter

    I disagree.

    • 1 Ally and 1 truce is perfect. As bandit said, "This would allow new factions to develop without the whole server dominating them with several factions being allied to"
    Also if there are just huge power factions that dominate the server, how will that be fun/playable for new players? Not only will koths be near to impossible already from a big faction with 25 players, you think expanding the maximum players in a faction will help? (That's if there are koths)There will be alot more competition instead of everyone being allied together and then killing one faction and just pooping on them the whole season.
    I personally think that there should be a lower maximum players in factions and more power to each individual player.
    Say the limit is 15 or 20 players with 20-30 power limit to each person. 10 minutes to each power gain. This will make it alot more of a grind to be the best faction (so a month long season will be duable without players quitting).
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  10. Coastle

    Coastle New Member OG Hunter

    A dungeon system like cosmic I have a friend who already has the plugin and stuff and if you need a custom map you build it and then he will do the rest
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  11. Bandit (Charlie)

    Bandit (Charlie) New Member OG Hunter

    Good point, changes my perspective on it.
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  12. Caboose

    Caboose New Member OG Hunter

    Yeah honestly sounds good apart from more allies and truces maybe like 2 or 3 of each not just 1. With the compensation of ranks, they should all be returned. Not random because you coulda had top and paid **** tones for it then go to the first one because the server shut down and now come back up. Every rank should be returned because as we all know it’s a permanent thing one of the basic rules of factions.
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  13. Wild

    Wild New Member OG Hunter

    Sammie, I have a bunch of plugins that I bought from Mc-Market and spigot with receipts. Just shoot my a IM on here with which plugin and i'll either get it for ya or see if I have it. I'm willing to help support the server into the much needed growth. BTW, I have roughly $400 that i'm willing to go in with ya if you're looking for some help ;).
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  14. Bandit (Charlie)

    Bandit (Charlie) New Member OG Hunter

    Will you be active unlike tribal :rolleyes:
  15. Bandit (Charlie)

    Bandit (Charlie) New Member OG Hunter

    There is a feature on Essentials which allows players to combine items. I dont know whether it is a feature on the server but it is /combine
  16. Wild

    Wild New Member OG Hunter

    Sorry to see you had a bad experience with me. Knowing who was really in-charge of Tribal ( not me ) that's the reason I went MIA. I was being ignored when there were serious things that needed to be done. I was also battling work which as a GM at a moving company it's a little more hectic then being a fryer at Mcdonalds. * Shrug *
  17. Axyls

    AxylsAxyls is a Verified Member Member OG Hunter

    Maybe... An actual decent Anti-Cheat. :) Disagree if you want, but I'd like some feedback. EDIT : I’m only saying this because it was constant “Staff! Staff! This guy is cheating SS SS SS!” If the anti cheat was better this 1. Wouldn’t happen 2. would make staffs life easier and 3. People wouldn’t be so worried about losing their godset to a bhopping hacker.
    Last edited: Jun 26, 2019
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  18. Jazzadozza

    Jazzadozza New Member OG Hunter

    I think there should be a cool spawn... built by me ofc :)
  19. xSqeedZ

    xSqeedZ New Member OG Hunter

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  20. iiSolr

    iiSolr New Member OG Hunter

    Mate the sharp 1000s can’t be forgotten about. I’m sure Sammie remembers what you did last time lmao

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